Grand Canyon, Chonburi:Our little adventure 

My friends and I were heading back to Bangkok after attending a wedding held at Sea Sun Sand Resort in Pattaya when one of my friends saw in IG a post about Chonburi’s Grand Canyon. We checked the photos and it looked amazing. It is something you will not expect to see in Thailand, and for us it is a bit of a novelty and we decided to visit the place. We later found out that it was a bit tricky to get there using GPS and since there were no proper signs directing us to the place we asked the locals for directions. After several turns resulting to some dead ends and private properties we found the railroad track and finally what the locals called “the Grand Canyon” . We really don’t know if it is an abandoned mine/quarry/dam since nothing much is written about it, but all I can say is that the view there is superb and very relaxing. If by chance you visit Thailand looking for an adventure off the beaten track, then maybe you’d like to give this place a try😊.



P.S. Enjoy the photos😊


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