It is so nice to be in the airport…the people you can observe are endless..a cute cripled child independently wheels gimslef but later grabs on to his mums hand and he wheled together with his mom ang brother holding the other hand.

Middle aged friends with gold clubs…students probably on a tour or exchage program/competetions…couples reunited..a son hughing his mother the moment they meet. 3 lady bachpavkers not seeming tp mind their heavy packs.. the cliche asian tour groups.. a grey suited monk i wonder where he is from… monks with leather drums  a girl help pushing fuschia trpllley  2 elderly wheelchair bound couple and their caretaker. Cute asian kid riding airport cart in awe of the vast airport (looking at ceiling) 3 kids crowded aroind their mother and luggage while father calls their guide pretty girl holding her cardboard sign with a bouguet of flowers  


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