Koh Larn…a quick weekend getaway from Bangkok

Nothing more relaxing than the beach.

Tired of Bangkok? Check out Koh Larn. Just 25-45 mins boat ride from Pattaya. For those using public transport, you can easily find a bus or van at Mochit bus station. Fare is around  B120-130 and the travel time takes roughly 2 hours to Pattaya. We took the bus and it left at 6am. Upon reaching Pattaya bus station, you can hire a motorcycle or taxi to bring you to Bali Hai Pier. Payment should be around 60-80 baht/pax for the motorcycle. When you arrive at the pier, buy a ticket (B30/pax)  for the ferry or charter a shared speedboat (200/pax). It really depends if you have time because the ferry departs every 2 hrs from Bali Hai. So if you have limited time, the speedboat will be a good option.

Ferry boat schedule

There are several beaches in Koh Larn and you can hire a motorcycle to take you to any one of them. There is a map near the pier with the fare to the different beaches so you don’t have to worry on getting ripped off. Usually fare is about B20-50/pax.

On our way to Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach

We chose this beach beacause we wanted peace and quiet and to get away from the hoards of tourist going to Koh Larn. Arrived before 9am to an almost empty beach. There are beach beds with umbrellas set up near the beach for rent at 100 baht for one day. If you are being frugal, you can set up your own DIY beach bed near a shade. Choose a spot near the trees since it could get really hot towards noon. 

Chartered speedboats increase in number on the beach around midday bringing local and foreign tourist directly from Pattaya to the beach.

Midday could be too hot for swimming😑

The water is not as clear as the island on the south but is pretty clean and free from floating debris. There are fishes near the shore and if you are confident enough, you can go snorkling in the deeper part of the water. Watersports such as jet skis, bananaboats, paddle boards, snorkling gear etc. are also available for rent. On the left side of the beach is a cliff where monkeys reside. I think they are not aggressive and can ne photographed easily. Just try not to get on their bad side😉. 

They were not aggressive, just be cautious. They are still wild animals.
This little chap is minding his own business. To quick for the camera.
Cliff where we found the group of monkeys. It is steep in real life that you need a rope to climb it.
Finished 2 glasses of shake in one day because of the heat.

*Food is a bit on the pricey than you usual Bangkok meal.
The last boat from Koh Larn will leave at 18.00 but it is good to leave at 16.00-17.00 so you can still have time to look around Pattaya, grab some dinner before heading back to Bangkok.

Near the docks

Check this link for a detailed description of  the other beaches in Koh Larn. http://kohlarn.com/beaches-of-koh-larn.html