It’s good to have friends. To know that there is someone there to hang out with after a tiring day at work, to call if you’re depressed or elated over something or just in a plain wanting someone to bug mood. I’ve learned that one doesn’t need a flock of girlfriends or a big squad, that it still comes down to quality over quantity.

Me and Sarah relaxing at Baan Bang Aor coffee shop. Missing our girl Pitz here.

Having photo op with the big bear.

Friends make great models/photographers. The catch is their services are free. Sarah modelling the “creamy chicken ham carbonara.”

Selfie anyone? 

Personally, I think this is the one of the cafe’s best seller. Caramel banana honey toast (B155) and double chocolate drink (B80)

Overall, me and my friends really enjoy hanging out here in Bang Aor Coffee shop. It is very convenient since it’s just a walking distance from where we live and the prices are very affordable. Big bang for your buck as they say it. Give them some love and check out this place if ever you’re in the area.




236, Charan Sanit Wong Road, Bang Ao, Khet Bang Phlat, Bangkok, 10700, 



Bittersweet: Christmas, Bangkok Style

Christmas is just around the corner and decorations had been set up by various establishments, malls mostly, here in the City of Angels. One favorite of mine is in Central World where giant white Christmas trees were set up outside surrounded by yellow carnation like artificial flowers lit by tiny series lights. 


For me, it is the perfect setup and somewhat a tribute to the late King Bhumibol (coincidence or not) since the color yellow usually represents his majesty. Until now I am still amazed by the Thai people’s love for the late monarch. The place also emanates a magical glow and provide a great backdrop for portraits. Bokehlicious everyone. It is great place for hanging out with friends and family and for photo enthusiast like moi. 

Hungry? No sweat! Food and drinks are readily available. From Thai food at the far end of the grounds or some international flavors near the Christmas displays. Chang beer have a stall with a live band (great band by the way, very entertaining) and cozy bean bags for those beer lovers out there. I love to stay and enjoy the music inside the makeshift bar, problem is, I don’t have a penchant for beer. Do try Guss Damn Good artisan icecream near the Chang stall. It is worth every lick/bite. Smooth and creamy just the way I like them icecream. 

Our second two scoops in a cup.
So if you’re in town and have time to spare. You may want to visit Central World. If not for the Christmas display, the food might convince you. 😅 Happy holidays. 




P.S. Coming on weekends is a hustle because of a huge crowd. Go at your own risk lol!

Enjoy the photos:

Pretty cosplayer 😊
Cheeky little fellow. Cutest reindeer I’ve ever seen!